Emmerdale star Michael Parr: Ross Barton ‘wants to KILL’ his acid attacker Simon

Ross finally confronts Simon, who attacked him with acid…

A huge moment arrives for Ross Barton, who’s been told by Dawn that Simon is planning to rob Home Farm during the ball.

Ross is desperate to confront slippery Simon, who threw acid on him, ruining the mechanic’s life. And next week in Emmerdale is his chance.

In haste, he cobbles together rope, tools, plastic ties and the like…

“Let’s just say there are more holes in Ross’s plans than a sieve!” says Michael Parr, who plays him. “Ross acts too quickly.”

Emmerdale Ross Barton

Ross Barton wants revenge

With Ross racing about, suspicious Moira questions what he’s doing. But her nephew won’t be put off.

“Ross wants to hear Simon confess,” says Michael. “The case got thrown out of court, so the only justice he can have is revenge. Ross wants to hear Simon say that he did it – and he wants to kill him.”

At Home Farm’s lake, Ross lurks out of sight and is about to attack Simon when Moira turns up…

“Moira is like the good angel on his shoulder,” explains Michael. “She tells him he really doesn’t want to do this as she knows what it’s like to have someone’s death on your conscience.”

What will happen next as Ross drags terrified Simon towards the edge of the murky water?

Emmerdale continues on ITV.

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