Fans were left shocked by his latest scheme

As usual, it certainly wasn’t a quiet Christmas in the Yorkshire Dales, with dramatic scenes left, right and centre during Emmerdale’s Christmas episodes.

And one storyline in particular seems to have gripped viewers, as they watched soap villain Lachlan White (Thomas Anderson) attempt to frame Robert Sugden of assault.

The 17-year-old is one of the series most controversial characters, but it seems that viewers hatred towards Lachlan was refreshed anew as he continued his vendetta against fan-favourite Robert.

During Wednesday 27th’s episode, fans witnessed Lachlan throw himself onto a glass table, in an attempt to pin the violence on Robert in order to stop him seeing his baby son Seb with Rebecca.

As Lachlan threw himself onto the table, a confused Rob was seen shouting, “He did this himself, I didn’t touch him!”.

And the dramatic scene has left Emmerdale viewers seething, with many questioning why anyone would believe Lachlan over Robert, given his past.

One fan on Twitter made reference to the fact that Robert was unlikely to have the strength to push Lachlan over, having been in an accident just days ago.

They wrote, “As if someone who was hit by a car 3 days ago would be able to push over a strong young lad… nice scheming Lachlan but I wouldn’t believe you!

While another agreed, writing, “Ok but surely they’re gonna realise that Rob couldn’t have pushed Lachlan as he has just got out of hospital after being hit by a car

But other viewers confessed how the dramatic scene had only left them despising evil Lachlan more than ever.

One said, “I dislike Robert but hate Lachlan a million times more, makes my skin crawl

While another commented, “I just *deep sigh* hate Lachlan with every fiber of my being

And a third viewer wrote, I feel so sorry for Robert! Lachlan is a nasty piece of work ๐Ÿ˜ค

Some fans also likened the Robert-Lachlan scene to a recent storyline on Coronation Street.

They noticed the similarities between their plot, and the episode when Chesney hit himself in the head with a brick, in order to frame his fiancee Sinead Tinker’s ex Daniel.