Huge fight in tonight’s Emmerdale leads to a SHOCK bombshell revelation

There's a blast from the past heading to Emmerdale - but who will have their life turned upside down when a bombshell is dropped?

There’s shock in tonight’s Emmerdale when Paddy comes face-to-face with ex wife Mandy for the first time in 17 years… but little does he know she’s come back with a huge secret.

Fans saw Mandy return to the village on Friday last week, shocking Sam with the news that she has a teenage son.

Emmerdale, Mandy Dingle

There’s an unexpected guest at Marlon and Jessie’s wedding in the shape of Mandy Dingle!

The episode ended with Sam telling Mandy that she better not be back in the village to cause trouble, something which she strongly denied. But this is Emmerdale, so clearly there’s going to be plenty of drama.

Tonight’s episode will prove just that when Mandy blags her way to Marlon’s official wedding… pretending that’s why she is back in the village.

But even Sam suspects she didn’t know about the wedding and is back for something else entirely… but what?

Emmerdale, Paddy Kirk, Mandy Dingle

Paddy is stunned to see his ex-wife Mandy standing in front of him

As the ceremony gets under way tonight, Mandy is set to arrive in style, interrupting the vows with her surprise arrival.

But it is unclear who is more shocked to see the former barmaid, Marlon – who is half way through getting married to Jessie – or Paddy, who hasn’t seen his ex for almost two decades.

Mandy’s set to replace last minute wedding witness Jimmy after she arrives, something that leaves Paddy feeling very uncomfortable.

However, there’s more drama coming when Chas, who isn’t happy about Paddy going to the wedding given Jessie’s son Billy’s behaviour towards Aaron back when they were both in jail together, turns up and sees Paddy and Mandy having a laugh together.

Emmerdale, Marlon Dingle, Chas Dingle, Mandy Dingle

Chas snaps and attacks her cousin Mandy

As a cat fight breaks out, bride Jessie will be forced to step in and break the warring women up – taking them both back into the church to talk things through.

As Chas reluctantly reveals the horror that her and Paddy have been through over Grace, Mandy realises that the pair have been through enough heartache and tries to scarper from the church without revealing why she is really back – but will she manage to escape?

You’ll have to tune in tonight to see how the news that Mandy has a 16-year-old son goes down with everyone… but will Mandy tell Paddy about her boy? And is the teenager even Paddy’s child?

If her secret son isn’t what Mandy’s returned to the village to tell Paddy about, what else is she hiding?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

Picture credits: ITV

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