England World Cup legend loves Mr Selfridge!

No one has played for England more times than Peter Shilton, but if you thought Match of the Day would be the goalkeeping legend’s favourite TV show then you couldn’t be more wrong.

‘I never miss an episode of Mr Selfridge,’ says Peter, who was speaking at an event to promote pioneering new jigsaw brand, Wasgij. ‘But I’ve also really enjoyed Sky Atlantic’s Fleming as I’m a big James Bond fan.’

‘My all-time favourite has to be Only Fools and Horses though,’ he continued. ‘I always like to be in charge of the controller and if that’s on I can’t resist it!’

Peter won 125 caps for England between 1970 and 1990, but he will always be remembered for his part in the ‘Hand of God’, when Diego Maradona punched the ball into the net in a World Cup quarter-final match between England and Argentina in 1986. 

‘I was gutted afterwards because we were let down by the officials,’ he says. ‘I’ve never met Maradona since and I wouldn’t want to. If wanted to shake hands and apologise for cheating then I’d meet him tomorrow but he’s never done that.’

‘The beef I’ve got with him is not that he got away with it and cheated, but that he never admitted to it afterwards!’

With 125 appearances, Peter Shilton is England’s most capped football player. Celebrating the launch of the Wasgij Original 21 Football Fever jigsaw puzzle, Jumbo Games is running a promotion offering the chance to watch England take on Uruguay alongside Shilton on 19 June 2014.