Stephen Mangan has admitted he has first-hand knowledge of some of the ‘craziness’ satirised in his TV show Episodes.

The actor stars as British writer Sean Lincoln, who travels to Hollywood with his wife to remake their successful television series in the show, which parodies the sometimes ridiculous nature of the industry.

“As soon as you start making a programme about the making of a television programme, you realise how crazy some of the stuff is,” said Stephen, who recalls his own early experiences of LA ‘craziness’.

“I went over there a few years ago and this man was so fulsome in his praise of me, which was quite astonishing seeing I hadn’t done that much in the UK, even. He was saying, ‘You’re going to be a massive star Simon’. ‘It’s Stephen’.

“I mean, that could go straight into Episodes.”

The ensemble comedy is back on screens for a third series. Sean’s marriage to Beverley (Tamsin Greig) has fallen apart since the pair moved to LA and she slept with lead actor Matt LeBlanc, who plays a heightened version of himself.

“I think there’s a lot of optimism initially, but these things never just melt away, and well-adjusted couples aren’t that interesting on television,” said Stephen, on whether the couple can overcome Beverley’s indiscretions.

He describes playing the on-screen husband of Tamsin, who he’s known for years, as ‘a joy’.

“We make each other laugh and we wind each other up, so it’s great. And she’s a fantastic actress, brilliant at comedy and can make you cry. What more do you want in an acting partner?” he said.

Stephen, 41, also voices the title character in the upcoming Postman Pat: The Movie.

Episodes continues on BBC Two on Wednesday nights.


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