Eurovision: Confusion as Scooch win

Scooch will represent the United Kingdom in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Finland on May 12

The group triumphed in Eurovision: Making Your Mind Up, the Saturday night contest to find the song to represent the UK at the contest, but amid confusion Terry Wogan had initially appeared to announce that the winner was singer Cyndi.

As the two finalists stood on stage awaiting the result, Terry seemed to declare Cyndi the winner, while co-host Fern Cotton announced that Scooch had won. Seconds later, after Fern had whispered to Terry, Scooch were confirmed as the UK’s representative in the contest.

It’s being held in Finland for the first time, after the country triumphed in last year’s contest. The heavy metal monster band Lordi caused a major surprise when they took the competition to the dark side and ultimately won by more than 40 points from Russia.

The UK will be hoping for a much better peformance than last year, when Daz Simpson and his rap ‘Teenage Life’ earned a dismal 19th place.

But you never can tell. As Eurovision host Terry Wogan says: “Every year I expect Eurovision to be less foolish, and every year it’s more so!”