Troubled singer Brian Harvey has offered Robbie Williams some pearls of wisdom from his experience of battling with drugs.

“I’d like to talk to that geezer, I really would,” he the Erovision contender told Star magazine. “Don’t waste your money on rehab – they’re just bleeding you. Come round my house and ****ing sit down and we’ll have a chat.”

He added that he recognises his own past behaviour in the star’s recent troubles.
“I’ve been there, I took an overdose of pills – twice. I know how it feels just before you take them. I hope Robbie doesn’t do something like that, because all the signs are there. It would be a stupid waste. He needs to be made to see that he has got everything he could ever want and he should just enjoy it.”

Brian has had a tough job changing his image from the bad boy of East 17 who said ecstasy was ‘safe’ and made you a ‘better person’.

He is now hoping to become the UK’s entrant for this year’s Eurovision competition and prides himself on being ‘the clean one’.

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