Eurovision loser Justin Hawkins says Saturday’s contest was a ‘stitch-up’ and branded the British public ‘either racist or stupid’ for choosing Scooch.

The former frontman for glam rock band The Darkness partnered black singer Beverlei Brown on his entry ‘They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To’.

Viewers of BBC1’s Making Your Mind Up show saw him storm off stage when the pair were voted off. Hip-hop act Big Brovaz also lost out to Scooch.

On his website, Justin raged: “The United Kingdom must be either racist or stupid not to have voted for Big Brovaz or Beverlei Brown (she looked and sounded fantastic).

“It’s like when multi-award winning, multi-million selling Lemar lost to David ‘3 stars at Burger King’ Sneddon in Fame Academy all those years ago. Nothing ever changes.

“The whole thing whiffed of a stitch-up, particularly when you consider that our supporters had their banners confiscated by security, while Scooch fans were filmed proudly waving theirs.

“When Big Brovaz were eliminated, my heart sank and I thought, ‘the dream is over.’ I was right.”

The BBC countered the star’s claims of bias. “No banners were confiscated. All banners were checked for inappropriate language, but none were removed,” a spokeswoman said.

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