Eva Pope: ‘Ellie’s life isn’t rosy’

Former Waterloo Road star Eva Pope talks about her new historical daytime drama, 32 Brinkburn Street, which switches between two families in the same house in 1931 and 2011…

Tell us a bit about Ellie, your character in 32 Brinkburn Street?

“Ellie starts out being very positive and is holding her family together. She’s very excited about the prospect of having a baby and tells her friend all about her plans.”

But then Ellie’s dreams are shattered when she discovers she’s not actually pregnant…

“Yes. Ellie has to face facts that life isn’t that rosy. She’s not getting pregnant, her husband Nick’s in a mess, his daughter doesn’t like her, and her father’s becoming more frail. Ellie has to find the strength to deal with it all.”

What themes link Ellie’s story in 2011 with the story of her family who lived in Brinkburn Street in 1931?

“Women wanting children, family struggles and growing old are themes relevant to all eras. This drama is about people’s strengths and weaknesses and how we cope as families. It sees human nature being laid bare.”

Does anyone living in Brinkburn Street in 2011 know what happened there in 1931?

“No one in Ellie’s family is aware of what happened in 1931. All the way through the five-part drama the audience is waiting for someone to find it out, but they don’t… until the very end. In fact, most of the way through the drama, viewers know more than the characters.”

Can you give us a hint about how the two stories unfold?

“My storyline in 2011 is very uplifting, things work for the better and reach a positive conclusion. However, in the 1930s it’s maybe less so. It’s much deeper, darker and full of intrigue.”

*32 Brinkburn Street starts on Monday, March 28 and screens all week at 2.15pm on BBC1

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