Russell Brand has been up to his old tricks again as he tried to woo Eva Longoria when they appeared on a US chat show.

Russell, 33, flirted with the married Desperate Housewives star on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Eva gave Russell an M&M sweet she was carrying in her cleavage. He said: “This one’s melted a little bit from your cleavage. Could I have the bit that’s still in there?”

Responding to Jay’s questions about pregnancy rumours, she told him she had put on weight. Russell interrupted: “You look alright to me love.”

Eva – who is married to basketball star Tony Parker – collapsed into giggles when the hairy comedian offered to urinate on her.

He said: “If ever there comes a time when you want a bit of pee in your marriage, I’ll give you my number.”

Watch the video here