Ever wonder what happened to Frank Skinner…

Frank Skinner has revealed that he considered quitting comedy before deciding to go back on the road with his first live show in 10 years.

The 50-year-old funnyman is performing at this year’s Edinburgh Festival, where he hopes to reignite his career as a stand-up comic, reports the Daily Express.

He’s told the Express: “Over the past couple of years I’d started to become a bit jaded, a bit uninspired. I even heard myself talking about retirement.”

The West Bromwich-born comic added: “I’ve returned to Edinburgh to rediscover the obsessions that made me a comedian in the first place.”

Frank – who is perhaps best known for his long-running TV partnership with David Baddiel and their Euro 96 song Three Lions (Football’s coming home) – added that it’s tougher than ever to make yourself stand out as a comedian.

“The standard of new stand-ups is higher than it was when I started out. If I turned up now as an unknown, untried comic I might just get lost in the mix,” he said.

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