Ewan McGregor has confessed he didn’t enjoy living in London because he didn’t feel free in the city.

The Scottish actor – star of Moulin Rouge, Trainspotting and the Star Wars movies – says he’s now happy to visit the English capital after moving to the uninhibiting city of Los Angeles with his French wife, Eve Mavrakis, and their two daughters, Clara Mathilde and Esther Rose.

Ewan said: “I have a lot more freedom in LA than when I was in London – people leave me alone and I don’t get mobbed when I step outside the door.

“It was harder when I lived in London. I don’t think it’s a depressing city, but I felt that liberty was being eaten away – you can’t go out without being on security cameras. I have a different relationship with the place now. I don’t live there so I enjoy going back.”

The 39-year-old actor also admitted he hated the idea that people were only nice to him because he was famous.

Ewan revealed: “A friend recently said, ‘Everyone’s nice to you because you’re famous’, and that worried me. It made me feel my experience of life isn’t valid because of my job. I hate the idea that people treat me differently. I can’t stand it.”