Kelvin Fletcher on his unpredictable new job...

Former Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher may have played farmer Andy Sugden for two decades on the ITV soap, but in real life he admits he has very few lambing skills as he prepares to take part in Channel 5’s new show, Springtime on the Farm, next week.

Kelvin, who left Emmerdale in 2016, revealed: “I think a lot of people assume I know a lot, but actually I’ve just been leading you all on for 20 years! I was so excited when they asked me to take part, though.”

Kelvin will appear with Countryfile reporter Adam Henson, JLS singer JB Gill, and Springwatch: Unsprung’s Lindsey Chapman on Springtime on the Farm, which is on Monday to Friday on Channel 5 next week. So, which animals did Andy like the most?

“The sheepdogs’ training was great. They were all very affectionate, just like pets, but they’re essential to the farm.”

And did any of the animals scare Kelvin?

“I met a huge billy goat. When I saw him for the first time in the field, I almost hid behind the farmer. I couldn’t get over the sheer size of him!”

Meanwhile, main presenter Adam Henson says that they’ll have some pre-recorded footage just in case no lambs are actually born live on air.

“We’ll be broadcasting in a studio next door to the lambing shed, hoping to see the animals giving birth. Every lamb is a miracle.”

Springtime on the Farm is on next week.