Fans are hailing Emmerdale the BEST SOAP after THIS secret bombshell was revealed tonight

Emmerdale fans are in a frenzy after the soap revealed a huge secret in tonight's hour-long special that no one saw coming...

It’s a Tuesday evening that no Emmerdale fan will ever forget after tonight’s hour-long special that saw the huge revelation that Kim Tate and Graham Foster are married!

The bombshell came as Kim plotted her revenge against Graham after he started a new romance with village vet Rhona Goskirk.

Graham realises why Kim has organised a party in Emmerdale

Graham quickly realised why Kim had organised a party – it’s their anniversary! (Picture: ITV)

While Rhona and Graham are still in the early stages of their new relationship, Kim couldn’t help but be jealous about the fact that Graham had finally found happiness, and she planned to do all she could to sabotage his romance.

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As she organised a party at the Woolpack, it was clear that she was up to no good. And as all her family and staff arrived at the pub, she remained tight-lipped about what her reason for celebrating was.

But as soon as Graham walked in, the penny dropped for the suave businessman when Kim declared him the guest of honour at the party, and that they were celebrating her and Graham’s wedding anniversary!

Graham realises why Kim has organised a party in Emmerdale

Kim dropped the bombshell that she and Graham are married on a packed pub full of family and colleagues (Picture: ITV)

The news went down like a lead balloon, and of course Rhona was mortified and ran out of the pub with Graham in hot pursuit.

But as Graham tried to explain that it was simply a marriage of convenience to keep Kim’s assets safe while she was enjoying her time at Her Majesty’s pleasure, Rhona didn’t want to know and shut him down.

Graham was left fuming by Kim’s actions, and vowed revenge in return… so he headed to the B&B to track his ‘wife’ down to drop a bombshell of his own, and fans couldn’t get enough of the drama unfolding…

As Graham confronted Kim about her revelation, she enjoyed pressing his buttons to get a reaction out of him.

But when she mocked his ‘family’ with Rhona and Leo, he retaliated by telling her that her own family isn’t quite as perfect as it seems.

Graham relished in revealing that Millie wasn’t actually Kim’s granddaughter after all, because Jamie isn’t her father… he is!

For the first time, Kim was speechless, and the double twists wasn’t lost on fans as they hailed Emmerdale the best soap for dropping such brilliant bombshells.

But what is next for Kim and Graham? With the secret out, how will Andrea cope with the fact her secret is now out in the open?

And will Graham manage to make Rhona realise how much she means to him?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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