Fanzine review | We Belong Dead | Remembering the classic age of horror and fantasy films

We Belong Dead

2013 is fast becoming a year for celebrations for horror movie fans. Not only does it mark the centenary of the birth of the gentleman of horror, Peter Cushing, it’s also seen the movie fanzine We Belong Dead return from the grave after a 16-year absence.

Written by fans for fans, this labour of love which takes its name from a classic line spoken by Boris Karloff’s monster in 1935’s The Bride of Frankenstein brings the best and the worst, the classic and the creepiest, the fun and bizarre from the classic world of horror. Hot on the heels of its resurrection issue earlier this year, the handy sized summer issue offers up a smorgasbord of articles that will delight and inform. Dedicated to the late great animator Ray Harryhausen (who left us back in May), and sporting Cushing as its cover star, Issue 10 includes retrospectives on cinema’s original titans of terror, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, the godfather of Italian horror, Mario Bava and Spain’s Eurosploitation maestro, Jesús Franco, who left this mortal coil in April.

There are indepth articles on nature-strikes-back flicks (anyone remember Janet Leigh battling giant bunnies in Night of the Lepus), and 1970s US made-for-TV frighteners like Duel, as well as a reprint on a 1996 interview with Hammer producer Roy Ward Baker about the diffculties making the first-ever Kung Fu horror movie, 1974’s The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires. But what makes We Belong Dead stand out from the crowd are the fascinating fan tales, in which grown-up British monster kids share their recollections of discovering the world of horror and fantasy for the first time.

We Belong Dead is available in print and digital form (check it out on Facebook).

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