Kylie Minogue has claimed she’s a ‘complete letdown’ in the style stakes behind closed doors and chooses frumpy, comfortable clothing.

The singer has compiled a look back at her fashion choices, particularly her stage costumes, in a new book called Kylie Fashion. But she confessed when she’s away from the stage and at home, she ‘can go to total frumpsville for sure’.

Kylie said: “I’m a complete letdown. At home the stilettos come off. The comfy clothes go on. I’d love to maintain this illusion that I kind of elegantly waft around home or something, but I need that balance in my life… to just be completely anti-fashion and just put whatever is closest on, and home is the place to do that.”

But when choosing clothes for her tours, Kylie goes for show-stopping outfits that may look fantastic, but she admits are not always comfortable.

“I was about to say, ‘things you can move in…’ wait a second, about half my costumes you can’t move in,” she said with a laugh.

She learned that lesson the hard way decked out in headdresses, feathers and corsets on her Showgirl: The Greatest Hits Tour in 2005.

“That’s why showgirls have to have poise because you can’t actually tip your head,” she recalled.

Kylie revealed there have been times when she got costumes so late that she’s jumped in to help stitch them up backstage. Then there’s the ‘quick change’ in and out of elaborate costumes – something she compares to a Formula One pit stop, with four people helping her.

“A lot of stuff goes down in the quick change. It depends if the show is going well or not going well what type of vocabulary I choose,” she said with a laugh.

Kylie added there’s no time to be bashful when hurrying to change clothes, joking, ‘you kind of pass first base’.