This favourite EastEnders couple could SPLIT FOREVER tonight in shock twist!

In a night of surprises, Keanu learns he’s going to become a dad and Louise finds out something that could split them up

EastEnders favourite Keanu Taylor will get the shock of his life tonight when Louise Mitchell breaks the news that she’s pregnant.

The pair confessed their feelings for each other after their near death experience at the hands of Midge and ended up hitting the sack.

EastEnders Louise Mitchell and Keanu Taylor

Baby bombshell… Keanu can’t believe his ears when Louise tells him he’s to become a dad

Of course, Phil Mitchell has been paying Keanu to stay close to Louise – but we don’t think the protective dad meant that close!

This evening Louise gets Keanu on his own and tells the stunned mechanic that he’s going to be a father.

Keanu can’t find any words and Louise ends up running off. In huge emotional turmoil, Keanu does what most boys would do and heads off to have a heart-to-heart with his mum.

EastEnders Louise Mitchell and Keanu Taylor

One thing led to another for Keanu and Louise, but Louise learns something tonight in EastEnders which could leave their relationship in tatters

Karen gives her lad a few home truths and tells him in no uncertain terms that he needs to be there for Louise.

Initially, Louise doesn’t take Keanu’s call because Sharon is nearby and she’s worried she’ll overhear. But Louise is still worried by Keanu’s reaction and decides they need to have another chat.

But, in a huge twist, when they meet Louise learns something about him that leaves her deeply upset. What has she found out about Keanu? Could they be about to split? Is their relationship already over before it’s really started? And what will Phil say when he learns what’s been going on?

Also, tonight Stuart vents his fury on Rainie for suggesting he’s been inappropriate with Bex and shouts at her for her lies. And Ben wants Jay to get the ownership of the car lot from Max.

EastEnders continues on BBC1 this evening at 7.30pm.