Fearne: ‘I was bullied because of my TV career’

Fearne Cotton has revealed she was bullied at school for having a job on TV.

The 28-year-old Radio 1 DJ and TV star got her first job presenting on The Disney Club when she was just 15.

Fearne told The Guardian: “I got a huge amount of s**t for it from the older girls. I would want to bunk off school most days, but I kept going in. I had a tough time for a while.

“…typical stuff. They would shout stuff out across the lunch hall, throw things, bitchy comments. It happens in every school, there’s always an element of bullying. But my friends were brilliant because they stuck up for me and would be mouthy back.

“Luckily it’s turned out OK. To be doing what I’m doing now, it was worth it, in a cheesy way, to have gone through a tiny amount of s**t at school.”

Fearne feels she missed out on some of her childhood, but doesn’t regret it.

“My friends were going out, had jobs and boyfriends, and I was presenting a show that led into cartoons.

“I missed every school prom and I didn’t get to go out drinking cider in the park with my mates. So I did give up on some of those things, but I look back and I’m so glad I did it.

“Apart from going to gigs, I like sitting in a nice pub and doing a pub quiz. I love the sanctuary of my house and I feel like I need never leave at times. I have to be wrenched out, because I love my cats and painting and chilling out there. It’s really tragic. Saddo single cat lady, that’s me.”