satyricon cover 2Based loosely on Petronius’ classical (and fragmentary) late 1st-century AD Roman novel following student Encolpio (Martin Potter), his lover Ascilto (Hiram Keller) and young slave boy Gitone, as they engage in a series of bawdy, exciting and sometimes horrific mythical misadventures, Fellini-Satyricon plunges into ancient Roman society in its most debauched period, transforming the era of Nero into a landscape perhaps no more or less alien than the worlds the film’s director Federico Fellini himself inhabited… the 1960s. A dream tapestry with a rich palette of hues and virtuosic composition within the ‘Scope frame, Fellini-Satyricon merges aesthetic and sensual liberty into a boldly visionary epic.


Featuring a brand new 4K restoration, provided by Hollywood Classics/Criterion Collection, Fellini-Satyricon gets its first-time UK Blu-ray release from Eureka! as part of their Masters of Cinema Series, with a host of special features.

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