Fergie’s doco angers Manchester estate

Sarah Ferguson‘s TV documentary has prompted a protest by scores of residents from the estate portrayed as ‘Broken Britain’.

Families from Northern Moor, Greater Manchester, gathered with placards featuring slogans like ‘Northern Moor not Northern Poor’ and ‘Northern Moor is a great place to live’.

The demonstration came before Tuesday night’s ITV1 documentary The Duchess On The Estate.

A trailer for the programme said the Duchess of York was there “to learn more about the problems of ‘broken Britain'”.

One Northern Moor resident of 25 years, Carol Carter, said her “hands went up in horror” at the advertisement for the programme.

“The preview is portraying Northern Moor as the worst area in Britain to live,” she told the BBC.

“We haven’t got gangs of gun-wielding, knife-wielding yobs. It’s a very, very, very safe and lovely area for families with children.”

The Duchess faced criticism last week during a phone-in on national radio about the programme.

The programme makers said her visit helped create a new £40,000 community centre for the area.

A spokesman for ITV said: “It shows how people want improvements on Northern Moor and (want) to bring back a sense of community spirit.”

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