Film review | All Stars – Exuberant Akai & Theo give children’s dance musical a spring in its step

ALL_STARS_DVD_3D_PACKA bunch of kids put on a talent show to save their youth club from closure in All Stars. The story couldn’t be more hackneyed, but the charm and exuberance of the young leads give this children’s dance musical a real spring in its step.

Dance-mad schoolboy Jaden (Got to Dance winner Akai) is the prime mover behind the plan, but it takes the scamming ability of his Artful Dodger-like schoolmate Ethan (Horrid Henry’s Theo Stevenson) to get things going after they recruit chubby B-boy Brian (Gamal Toseafa), karate-chopping neighbour Amy (Fleur Houdijk) and posh ballroom-dancing siblings Tim and Rebecca (Dominic Herman-Day, Amelia Clarkson) into their makeshift crew.

How it turns out is all very predictable, right down to the inevitable eve-of-show setbacks and a bad guy who all but twirls his moustache, but the fantasy sequences that intersperse the action are engaging, while Ashley Jensen grounds the story in reality as the doughty youth leader fighting cutbacks and closures.


Released on Blu-ray and DVD by Entertainment One.


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