Film review | Bula Quo! – Veteran rockers Rossi & Parfitt: Cinema’s latest action comedy duo!


Amateurish acting, slapdash direction and a ropey plot can’t entirely dispel the cockeyed charm of this bizarre screen vehicle for Status Quo frontmen Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt. A disarmingly shambolic comedy adventure, Bula Quo! finds the three-chord rock gods stumbling upon an organ-trafficking gang (led by villain Jon Lovitz) while on tour in Fiji, which prompts a series of harum-scarum chases on land and sea. Rossi and Parfitt are no Hope and Crosby, or Abbott and Costello, but their willingness to send themselves up will surely hit a chord with fans, as will the Quo songs prominently featured throughout. The exotic locations add to the fun and, although much of the script is toe-curlingly naff, you may find yourself chuckling over the odd exchange – such as the moment when the duo stumble upon a toy that’s been turned into an IED.

Francis: ‘It’s a doll.’

Rick: ‘It’s a bomb.’

Together: ‘It’s a blow-up doll!’


Released on DVD and Blu-ray by Universal Pictures on Monday 4th November.


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