Film review | Dark Skies – Paranormal activity or teenagers acting out? Sci-fi thriller has the answer

Dark Skies BD 3D

Creating an atmosphere of chilly unease from the start, spooky sci-fi thriller Dark Skies begins with an Arizona family experiencing strange night-time disturbances in their suburban home. The refrigerator is ransacked; photographs disappear from their frames; alarms trip for no reason. Is family dysfunction to blame? Architect dad Daniel (Josh Hamilton) is unemployed, real-estate agent mum Lacy (Keri Russell) can’t make a sale and their two sons are acting out. Or could there be a paranormal explanation? When writer-director Scott Stewart (Legion, Priest) eventually reveals his hand, with revelations from JK Simmons’ alien abduction expert, the film loses its way, but Hamilton and Russell’s solidly convincing performances keep things more grounded than you might expect.

Released on Blu-ray, DVD and Download by Momentum Home Entertainment on Monday 5th August.


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