Film review | Fire with Fire – Josh Duhamel & Bruce Willis fail to set the screen ablaze

FIREWITHFIRE_DVDJosh Duhamel fails to set the screen ablaze as a California firefighter who becomes an unlikely vigilante avenger in very routine action thriller Fire with Fire. But he gets no help from a damp squib of a script that sees his hero bust out of witness protection to take on single-handedly Vincent D’Onofrio’s racist gang leader and his thugs. ‘To hell with witness protection,’ he snarls after the crook threatens his new flame, sultry federal marshal Talia (Rosario Dawson, wasted here). ‘You’re going to need protection from me.’ Yet he’s such a novice when it comes to meting out violence that he vomits during his initial tussles with D’Onofrio’s gang (Vinnie Jones is his first adversary). Former stunt co-ordinator turned director David Barratt handles the action efficiently enough, but it’s so formulaic that co-star Bruce Willis, his cop character left on the sidelines, looks visibly bored.


Released on Blu-ray and DVD by Warner Brothers Home Entertainment.


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