Film review | Jackpot – Nordic noir hits a winning streak

Jackpot - Oscar (Kyrre Hellum) discovers the downside to winning the pools

Fans of Nordic noir are in for a treat with Jackpot, a darkly comic thriller based on a story by bestselling Norwegian crime writer Jo Nesbø.

Piling on the gore and grim humour right from the start, director Magnus Martens kicks things off with a bloody shootout in a porn shop cum strip joint called Pink Heaven. Why the carnage?

Emerging from beneath the body of an oversized stripper, his hand reflexively clutching a shotgun, the story’s hapless hero, Oscar (Kyrre Hellum), attempts to explain to slickly dressed police detective Solør (Henrik Mestad) just how he ended up in the midst of this eight-victim bloodbath.

He’s the supervisor of a bunch of ex-cons making artificial Christmas trees in a grungy factory and he and three of his shifty workmates just won 1.7 million kroner on the football pools, but 1.7 million is an awkward number to divide by four…

Switching back and forth from Oscar’s interrogation to flashbacks of the events leading up to the massacre, Jackpot lacks the breakneck narrative drive of the previous Nesbo screen adaptation, the terrific Headhunters, but keeps things gripping with its own share of sick twists and grisly gags.

On general release from Friday 10th August.


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