Film review | Johnny English Reborn – More hit-and-miss spy jinks with Rowan’s 00 disaster zone

Rowan Atkinson’s bumbling secret agent is back in spy comedy sequel Johnny English Reborn, but the espionage game has changed while he’s been away, nursing his wounded pride in Tibetan exile after cocking up a mission in Mozambique.

MI7 is now a corporate-sponsored, politically correct outfit run by Gillian Anderson’s no-nonsense Pegasus and Dominic West’s suave Old Etonian is its number one agent. But English is needed to root out a mysterious trio of assassins known only as Vortex and gets sent on a globetrotting mission that sees him causing typical chaos in Hong Kong, London and the Swiss Alps.

The farcical goings-on vary from genuinely chucklesome to pretty feeble, but Atkinson’s blithely confident blunderer continually raises a smile. Anderson, West and Rosamund Pike (as English’s behavioural psychologist love interest) keep admirable straight faces amid the comic mayhem.

On general release from 7th October 2011.


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