Film review | Lawrence of Arabia – David Lean’s epic biopic gets a 50th aniversary re-release

Fifty years old and still the benchmark by which all historical epics should be measured, Lawrence of Arabia, director David Lean’s stunning biopic of enigmatic British soldier and adventurer TE Lawrence gets a big screen re-release with Sony’s meticulous restoration of the director’s cut. Half a century on and the film continues to work both as a stirring boy’s own adventure and as an astute political drama. Peter O’Toole shot to stardom overnight with his charismatic performance in the title role. And any number of scenes remain burned in the mind long after the film has ended: the thunderous camel charge through Aqaba, Lawrence and his men ambushing a train in the desert, and the classic watering hole meeting with Omar Sharif.

In selected cinemas from Friday 23rd November. Click here for listings. True to the original release, the film will be screened in its original roadshow format, with an overture, intermission, entr’acte and exit music!