Film review | No One Lives | American Psycho meets Rambo in this very bloody exciting highway to hell horror

no one quad

A family of criminals get more than they bargained for when they discover a missing heiress, Emma (Adelaide Clemens, The Great Gatsby), locked in a cage inside the car of a couple they have taken hostage. The driver (Luke Evans, The Immortals) is in fact a psychopathic weapons expert who soon turns the tables on his captors…

Movie Talk on No One LivesTHE LOWDOWN
The barrage of bloody awesomeness never lets up in this highway to hell horror which features a super twisty plot and inventive death scenes, while Luke Evans’ American psycho makes Patrick Bateman look a right wimp here  – and once he fixes his crimson gaze on you, you’ll be hooked like I was.

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In selected UK cinemas 6 September
On Blu-ray and DVD from 23 September