Film review | Paranoia – Scene-stealing Harrison Ford & Gary Oldman enliven routine corporate spy thriller

PARANOIA - Harrison Ford & Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman’s gor-blimey Cockney accent and Harrison Ford’s scarily short buzz cut are the most striking features of disappointingly routine corporate espionage thriller Paranoia.

And the veteran stars both deliver scene-stealing performances as rival tech company big shots who lure Liam Hemsworth’s hapless pawn into their schemes. But when Oldman dispatches Hemsworth’s ambitious young New Yorker to steal Ford’s business secrets, director Robert Luketic fails to whip up much suspense from the intrigue that unfolds, which veers between baffling jiggery-pokery on computers and mobile phones, and hackneyed chases on foot.

Richard Dreyfuss pops up entertainingly as the hero’s ailing blue-collar dad, and Amber Heard is on hand as a classy marketing executive, providing a romantic sub-plot and an opportunity for Hemsworth to show off his buff physique.


Certificate 12A. Runtime 102 mins. Director Robert Luketic.

Released on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday 10th March by E1 Home Entertainment.


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