Prom - Aimee Teegarden as Nova & Thomas McDonell as Jesse

In Hollywood films as diverse as Carrie and Pretty in Pink, the high-school prom has loomed large as a nerve-wracking miserable ordeal. Disney movie Prom, however, takes a far more upbeat approach to the rite of passage.

The film’s heroine, perky pupil Nova (Friday Night LightsAimee Teegarden), organiser of this year’s senior prom, wants the event to be her high school’s best ever. Then she gets assigned moody school rebel Jesse (Thomas McDonell, a lightly stubbled hunk who’s been dubbed a “young Johnny Depp”) to help her prepare for the event. Will good girl Nova and bad boy Jesse overcome their differences? Will they see each other in a different light? Or will her prom dreams turn into a nightmare?

You can probably guess how things will turn out in this teen comedy drama whose roll call of characters also includes such familiar types as jocks and geeks, wallflowers and over-achievers. As high-school movies go, Prom isn’t the coolest kid in class (and it certainly lacks the camp wit of Glee), but an appealing cast ensures that the film’s sweetness and good-humour will go down well with tweens (and their parents), even if their older siblings find proceedings a little too safe and insipid.

On general release from 3rd June.


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