Film review | Safe – Jason Statham cuts a swathe through New York with fists, guns and one-liners

Safe - Jason Statham

Trading blows with both the Russian Mafia and the Chinese Triads on the streets of New York, Jason Statham is at his bruising best in the action-packed, testosterone-fuelled slugfest Safe.

He’s Luke Wright, an ex-cop-turned-cage-fighter who’s been a suicidal bum since Russian mobsters killed his wife after he refused to take a dive. But he snaps out of his funk when he spots threatened mite Mei (Catherine Chan) on a subway platform. A 10-year-old Chinese maths prodigy, she has in her head a secret number worth millions to the rival Mafia and Triad gangs. With a bunch of crooked NYPD cops also in the mix, Mei’s prospects for survival are grim until the redemption-seeking Luke steps in to protect her. As Luke cuts a swathe through the New York underworld in the course of a single night, there’s no time to ponder the absurdity of the plot, but the Stath’s fans will relish his way with his fists, guns and enjoyably corny one-liners.

Here’s a sample:

Luke: I’ve been in restaurants all night and all I’ve been served is lead.

And later,

Bad guy: You must have big balls.
Luke: Yeah, I’m amazed I can even walk.

On general release from Friday 4th May.


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