THE AWAKENING - DOMINIC WEST as Robert Mallory and REBECCA HALL as Florence Cathcart

Classy period ghost story The Awakening takes place in 1921 England when the nation is still mourning the victims of the Great War.

Freethinking author Rebecca Hall has made it her mission to expose the phoney spiritualists who are exploiting the grief-stricken with fake séances and other psychic shams. She expects to find more jiggery-pokery afoot when schoolmaster Dominic West implores her to investigate an apparent haunting at a boys’ boarding school housed in a remote country mansion. But after setting up her scientific paraphernalia in the school, she finds her rationalism challenged by a series of increasingly uncanny events.

Aided by a top-notch cast, first-time writer-director Nick Murphy has crafted an elegant haunted-house chiller that turns the screw of mystery and suspense with some cunningly judged surprises and scares.

On general release from Friday 11th November.


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