Film review | The Call – Halle Berry stars in taut phone thriller (but you’d best hang up before the end)

The Call - Halle Berry as 911 operator Jordan Turner

911 operator Halle Berry loses her nerve after a bungled call leads to a teenage girl’s fatal abduction. Six months later, she’s taken herself off the front line and is working as a trainer when another emergency call puts her back in the hot seat. The pervy perp is at large again and has snatched Abigail Breslin’s schoolgirl from a shopping-mall car park and stuffed her into the trunk of his car. The victim still has her mobile, though. Can Halle, on the other end of the line, save her? Combining the telephonic suspense of such films as Phone Call and Cellular with the trapped-in-a-confined-space claustrophobia of Buried, The Call delivers taut no-frills thrills for two-thirds of its brisk, hour-and-half running time. But the plot falls apart spectacularly as soon as Halle leaves the 911 control room and the ludicrous finale will leave you groaning.


Certificate 15. Runtime 94 mins. Director Brad Anderson.


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