Film review | The Change-Up – Boozy night out creates body-swap havoc for Jason Bateman & Ryan Reynolds

The Change Up - Jason Bateman & Ryan Reynolds

Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds play the latest chalk ’n’ cheese duo to go through Hollywood’s much-used body-swap routine in crude comedy The Change-Up.

Bateman plays workaholic lawyer Dave; Reynolds is struggling actor Mitch. Dave’s a harassed father of three (married to Leslie Mann’s Jamie); Mitch is a slovenly womanising slacker whose studio apartment looks like a teenager’s bedroom. Childhood friends, they still enjoy the odd boozy lads’ night out together, but after each saying, ‘I wish I had your life,’ while drunkenly urinating into a fountain they wake up the following morning to find themselves each occupying the other’s body.

You can guess the rest. What is different, however, from previous examples of the body-swap genre, such as Big and Freaky Friday, is the full-on gross-out humour the film supplies instead of wit and charm. Bateman and Reynolds do their best with the crass material, but director David Dobkin (maker of The Wedding Crashers) and screenwriters Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (The Hangover) fail to rediscover the form of their earlier hits.

On general release from 16th September.


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