Film review | The Stone Roses: Made of Stone – Shane Meadows casts a fan’s eye on an unlikely comeback

The Stone Roses: Made of Stone - Ian Brown salutes the fans at Heaton Park

A bad acid trip meant that the 17-year-old Shane Meadows missed The Stone Roses’ legendary Spike Island gig in 1990.

Two decades later, he’s made amends with The Stone Roses: Made of Stone, an infectiously enthusiastic documentary about the Manchester band’s unlikely 2012 comeback, 16 years after their notoriously rancorous split.

As the foursome – singer Ian Brown, guitarist John Squire, bassist Mani and drummer Reni – prepare for three homecoming gigs at Manchester’s Heaton Park, Meadows’ camera is right there.

But when things go amiss, with Reni storming off stage in Amsterdam, Meadows diplomatically turns away and doesn’t pry. This is very much a fan’s-eye view of the Roses. But Meadows’ lack of critical distance from his subject pays off in spades by allowing him to capture the passion the Roses inspire in their fans.

And when the band announce a surprise warm-up gig at Parr Hall in Warrington, offering offer free tickets to the first 1,000 people who turn up bearing something that shows they are a Roses devotee (an album or t-shirt, say), the fans’ palpable ardour is surprisingly stirring.

In cinemas from Friday 7th June.


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