Tower Heist - Ben Stiller & Eddie Murphy

A bunch of working stiffs team up with a petty crook to take down the Wall Street swindler who has robbed them of their retirement fund in Tower Heist, a timely action-comedy caper whose undertow of blue-collar bitterness and anger will strike a chord with anyone who’s fallen foul of these credit-crunched times.

When the staff of a luxury New York condominium discover that Alan Alda’s penthouse-dwelling billionaire has made off with their money, Ben Stiller’s building manager plots revenge. His unlikely gang comprises his concierge brother-in-law (Casey Affleck), a naïve bellhop (Michael Peña), an unemployed financier (Matthew Broderick) and a motor-mouthed street thief (who else but Eddie Murphy). With the clock ticking before their target gets off scot-free, and with Téa Leoni’s shrewd FBI agent breathing down their necks, the crew put their cunning plan into action.

With Tower Heist, Rush Hour director Brett Ratner serves up a familiar mix of laughs and spills. It’s nothing new, but Stiller makes a likeable everyman hero, Murphy is his brash old self and Alda is suitably slick as the bad guy who keeps Steve McQueen’s old Ferrari in his living room.

On general release from Wednesday 2nd November.


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