Film4 FrightFest Highlights | Day 3 | Are your ready for Fright Night, Troll Hunter and The Wicker Tree?

Day 3 delivered the goods with previews of the Norwegian found-footage monster movie Troll Hunter and the big-budget 3D remake of Fright Night; and exclusive premieres of Robin Hardy’s religious satire The Wicker Tree, social networking shocker Panic Button, grisly survival horror The Woman, and the schlocky spoof Chillerama.

There were also lots of tasty treats, including sneak previews of the upcoming Knights of Badassdom (which looks a lot of fun) and the British tongue-in-cheek horror Strippers vs Werewolves. But here are my highlights of the day.


Fright Night – 3D
Also shown today…

Panic Button
The Woman
My Sucky Teen Romance
The Caller

And don’t forget to check out Atrocious and The Devil’s Business