Film4 FrightFest the 13th | Day three rolls out the blood red carpet for Italy’s Manetti Brothers and Frederico Zampaglione

PAURA 3D (UK premiere)
‘104-minutes of unrelenting torture porn – can you last the distance?’
Italian directors Marco and Antonio and Manetti must have a kink for being bound, gagged and interrogated. They’re sci-fi The Arrival of Wang (also shown today) finds an alien undergoing a humiliating grilling, but stops short of going all ultra-violent – unlike their latest venture, Paura 3D. If you thought the trailer was brutal, then you haven’t seen nothing yet. Basically, two guys sneak into a rich man’s mansion while he’s away for the weekend and, while raiding the wine cellar, discover a secret room that really shouldn’t have. What you have here is 104minutes of sickening, gratuitous, unrelenting torture porn. If that’s what you are into, then so be it. For me, however, I much prefer the Manetti’s subtle and sophisticated sci-fi The Arrival of Wang, due out on DVD on 8 October.
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TULPA (Engish premiere)
‘Giallo comes home with this stylistic love letter to Italy’s masters of suspense Mario Bava and Dario Argento’
Stressed business-woman Lisa (Claudia Gerini) suspects a killer is stalking the underground swingers club she frequents when three of her sex partners are found dead. But when she turns amateur sleuth she discovers, to her horror, the real meaning of ‘keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer’. Last year, Italian director Frederico Zampaglione paid homage to Lucio Fulci’s undead masterpiece House by the Cemetery with his chilling survival horror Shadow. He returns to FrightFest with a killer thriller that is best described as the ultimate love letter to Italy’s masters of suspense – Mario Bava and Dario Argento. With its retro production design and primary colour lighting evoking Bava’s ouevre (in particular, Lisa and the Devil) and its stylistic references (black-gloved killer, bizarre death set pieces) conjuring Argento’s giallo films (especially Tenebrae), Tulpa is a wet dream for genre fans. But its many in-jokes might be lost on those not in the know.

MANIAC (UK premiere)
‘This sleazy stalk-n-slasher remake will set your nerves on end and you’ll never look at Elijah Wood the same way again’.
This remake of the famed 1980 grindhouse film, which also has elements of  the notorious Don’t Go in the House thrown in, finds Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood playing a serial killer with a fetish for collecting women’s scalps. More gruesome and disturbing than the original (I didn’t think it possible), this is one film that will leave a very nasty taste – especially as you are forced to see everything from the killer’s point of view, including his horrifying acts of ritual murder. If Wood ever wanted to divorce himself from being known as a loveable hobbit then he’s done it here playing a demented heavy-breathing sicko. I liked the film’s electro score, though.
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