Finally! Stevi Ritchie is voted off The X Factor after sing-off with Andrea Faustini

“I’ll be going home this weekend,” Stevi Ritchie promised, after it was announced that there would be another double elimination.

And he did… But not before Only The Young, who exited the contest on Saturday night, after the public vote.

The Sunday-night sing-off was between Andrea Faustini and Stevi and it was no contest – although Simon Cowell tried to suggest it was.

Andrea sang “Stop!” by Jamelia.

Stevi performed “This Is The Moment” from the Jekyll and Hyde musical and wobbled in and out of key.

“You both sang well,” Simon told Stevi and Andrea. “But, for me, Stevi showed the most passion in sing-off. I was given you as a wild card, Stevi, and you’ve been fun to work with. You’ve never taken yourself that seriously. I think people have fallen in love with you. I’m going to stand by my Stevi.”

Mel B saw it differently: “You both sung your hearts out but you two are miles apart and the one at the top is Andrea. I’m sending home Stevi,” she said.

Cheryl wasn’t at all conflicted… “Andrea, you’ve been one of the most consistent, perfect singers on The X Factor. I don’t know why you’re in the bottom two now. Hopefully, you’ll do something different next week. But I have to be honest and send home Stevi.”

Louis Walsh knew exactly who he wanted to keep in the competition… “That was your best performance, Stevi,” he said. “But I’ve loved Andrea from day one.”

And, with that, we had heard the last from Stevi.

The X Factor continues on ITV, Saturday, November 29, 8.00pm.

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