Ten O’Clock News presenter Fiona Bruce has spoken out over the TV ageism row, saying that sometimes a younger host is better for some types of shows.

“Sometimes you want a grey beard and sometimes you need somebody younger,” said Fiona, according to reports in The Daily Mail. “A lot of things are simply whether your face fits.”

Fiona, 44, has defended the treatment of presenters amidst accusations by a number of TV broadcasters, including Kate Adie, Anna Ford and Selina Scott, that older women are overlooked for high-profile TV jobs.

“I’m certainly not aware of age being a factor in my career, although I suppose it will become one some day, but the reality is that, in television, you need horses for courses.”

Yesterday it was revealed that Selina Scott is suing Five over claims that the channel backed out of an offer of a presenting job because she was too old.

Fiona, who is the new host of BBC1’s Antiques Roadshow, also commented: “We all get caught up in this.”

“You can’t win. When I left Crimewatch it was said that they wanted someone younger than me, but Kirsty Young, who took over, is almost as old as I am.”

“They said Nick Ross was pushed out for being too old, but again, it was his decision to go. I think it’s all stuff and nonsense, frankly.”