Fired Apprentice Dan sparks social media lookalikee buzz

When Twitter wasn’t crowing about Ruth Whiteley’s Battenberg suit or April Jones’s fish-cake-style bun, it was trying to work out exactly who fired The Apprentice candidate Dan Callaghan looked like…

Chris Addison







Edward Norton




Mr Bean




(Plus Will from The Inbetweeners)


Paul McCartney



A lone voice for JD in Scrubs


And Screech from Saved By The Bell


Plus, a shout-out to Grace/April Jones. Thanks Twitter.


This year’s candidates are a well turned-out bunch so tonight’s shampoo task should have been easy for them, but saying the right thing on camera doesn’t come so naturally.

While Scott’s misspelling of desert was easy to brush off, the boys’ team’s taglines were knot.



Without splitting hairs, here are the highlights from episode two:

1. Elle’s joy that Brett is back on the boy’s team:

“I think the fact we got rid of Brett cos he’s bald… that’s good”

2. Richard’s thoughts on the girls’ group:

“That pecking order hasn’t been settled and this task will wind it back up again”

3. Brett and Richard discuss the boys’ group hierarchy:

Brett: “There is no pecking order with us lot”; Richard: “Because I’m at the top and you lot are underneath!”

4. PM Aisha lays down the law to her team:

“I just want to say if anybody’s not productive in this team at the end of the day and we lose, they’ll be coming in the boardroom with me, I don’t care. Everybody needs to get on board”




5. Mergim brings his thoughts on what the brand should be:

“My idea is sexiness”

6. Brett on Richard’s pitching style:

“He looks like David Brent, doesn’t he?”

7. Vana on the girls’ inspired colour choice:

“The green bottle was chosen because the cactus is green”

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