Fired Apprentice candidate Melissa Cohen said the show had turned her into a ‘monstrous warmonger’, but taught her to change her ways.

The 24-year-old former hairdresser was fired by Lord Sugar after a series of confrontational clashes with her competitors and was told by Karren Brady that her self-claimed excellent sales pitches were ‘very annoying’.

Melissa, who refused to shake hands with rival candidates Jamie Lester and Stuart Baggs after she was fired, said: “I regret that I didn’t act with a bit more decorum in terms of my sportsmanship.

“I am a confrontational person, but far more affable and not monstrous in my daily life. I’m not such a warmonger. But when you’re put in a competitive environment certain aspects of your personality can come out that aren’t normally there.”

Her team Apollo, lead by Jamie, lost this week’s task – despite selling more than £76,000 worth of eco shower-heads and double-handed spades – after rival team Synergy sold over £122,000 worth of their product, Baby Glow, a baby grow which changes colour if a baby has a high temperature.

Apollo had pitched to the inventor of the Baby Glow to sell her product, but Stuart’s blunt line of questioning put her off.

Melissa said: “Stuart had been in the boardroom already, I hadn’t and he did lose us the winning product. We would have won if we’d had that product, it’s as simple as that. But I do feel that he should have gone. He’d already had one go at the boardroom, it was my first time in.”