FIRST LOOK: Casualty’s new doctor, Bea Kinsella

Michelle Fox joins Casualty as new F1 doctor, Bea Kinsella. Here’s everything we know so far about Bea…

New junior doctor, Bea Kinsella, bursts through Holby ED’s door this Saturday, and she’s an interesting addition to the Casualty family.

Here we reveal seven must-know facts about the new F1…

Irish actor, Michelle Fox, plays new junior doctor, Bea Kinsella. Michelle, has appeared in Doctors, and stars as Imogen in Overshadowed. Here Michelle reveals more:


Bea and Rash = #Brash?

Newcomer Bea Kinsella upsets Dr. Rashid Masum on her first day in the ED

Bea knows Rash! When Bea bounces into the ED she makes a beeline for Rash. It soon becomes clear that Bea is the dominant character between the two, but she could learn a lot from Rash’s (Neet Mohan) more gentle approach. Anyone hoping for a romance between the pair may be disappointed. It’s more of a brash-brave big sister Vs thoughtful-timid little brother relationship.

Gutsy – literally

Bea makes a beeline for complicated cases, biting off more than she can chew in the process

Eager, confident and hungry for complicated cases, Bea is delighted when she walks into the chaos of the ED. Soon she’s swapping patients with Rash, as Bea wants to be exposed to danger, blood and guts, which Rash actively tries to avoid…


The Ethan impression

Ethan has his hands full when Bea makes her ED entrance

With the acting clinical lead up to his elbows in admin and patients, he completely forgets this is Bea’s first day. Ethan hands Bea over to Alicia, but in the chaos of the ED, an unsupervised Bea’s thoughtless actions mean she’s called to his office at the end of her shift…

Is Alicia an ally?

Alicia is unimpressed when Ethan appoints Bea to her care

Ethan begs Alicia to look after Bea when she turns up. If you’ve seen Casualty’s Winter 2017 trailer, you’ll already know Bea’s first day is such a steep learning curve it’s nearly vertical. Bea’s behaviour earns her both praise and condemnation from several senior staff… as far as impressions go, it’s fair to say Bea makes a strong one!


The sting

Bea makes a lasting impression – sadly, it’s not a commendable one

Bea’s behaviour crosses lines; with long-term consequences for Ethan, Alicia and the ED. Keep an eye out for Gavin & Stacey star Melanie Walters‘ moving guest appearance…

The secret life of Bea

Like all new Casualty characters, what you see isn’t simply what you get. Our BBC source has revealed that Bea’s upbeat can-do attitude masks deep-rooted family trauma. Her mother died when she was younger and she’s secretly supporting her alcoholic father!

Catch Bea’s Casualty baptism on BBC, Saturday 03 February at 8.20pm

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