Flack: Murs’ mum wants us together

Caroline Flack says everyone – including Olly Murs’ parents – wants her to get together with her Xtra Factor co-host.
The TV presenter, who dated One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, is spending Christmas on holiday with friends.
But she told the Daily Mirror: “Everyone in the world, including both our parents, wants me and Olly Murs to be a couple.
“Every single person wants us to be together, people on the street have shouted: ‘Why don’t you marry Olly?’
“Even my mum. Every time we speak she asks: ‘Oohh, how’s Olly?’
“His mum and dad, they look at me as if I’m Olly’s future wife.”
But Caroline insisted that the pair are just friends.
“I just like him so much as a person, I like everything about him, he’s got a really good soul. He’s just a really nice boy,” she said.