Flavia: Nothing has happened with Matt – yet

Strictly Come Dancing pro dancer Flavia Cacace says nothing has happened with her dance partner, Matt Di Angelo, but she hasn’t ruled a relationship out.

Their chemistry was the subject of heated coverage throughout the BBC1 series, especially when Flavia, 28, split with longterm partner Vincent Simone. All three are performing on the live Strictly tour.

Flavia told Hello! magazine: “I’ve been very honest with Matt and told him that nothing can happen while we are involved with the Strictly tour. I don’t feel we are in a situation to explore anything because we are working so hard. I am open to what might happen in the future.

“Matt is a lovely guy and if we get a chance to be normal and go somewhere when we are not working and performing then maybe romance might develop.”

Flavia and Vincent had been dating for 10 years but it had been on the rocks for at least two. The couple had split several times during that period.

Flavia said: “What kept us together for so long is that we were both career-orientated. But the passion had gone out of our relationship – we never went for romantic meals, or to the cinema.

“I had fallen out of love with him. He will always have my friendship and I love him like a brother.”

It was Matt who gave Flavia the courage to confront her feelings about Vincent. “He was one of the few people who dared to show me attention,” she said. “Matt came at a time when I needed to connect with somebody. I needed a friend and couldn’t talk about my split with Vincent to anybody because we were trying to keep it private and act professionally.”

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