After their hilarious screening of Mega Pirahna (out on DVD on 9 August, by the way), The Alibi Film Club in Dalston, East London is showing the underground 1982 horror classic, Pieces.

This sleazy Spanish slasher sees Hollywood husband and wife team Christopher George (City of the Living Dead) and Lynda Day George (TV’s Mission: Impossible) embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse when a murderous psychopath begins stalking a university campus, killing off the female students with extreme prejudice.

Long regarded as a favourite of horror director Eli Roth, Pieces is truly demented – it’s badly dubbed, has terrible dialogue and dreadful acting (except for the George’s, of course). But the kill scenes are just insane!

So if you fancy a masterclass in insanity, get yourself down to The Alibi, tonight!

The Alibi Film Club
91 Kingsland Rd, E9 2PB
8pm-2am. Screening at 9PM