Forget New York, the latest fashions are Made in Dagenham

It’s safe to say, reckons Movie Talk’s fashion expert Faye, that the clothing within the latest blockbusters often goes unnoticed. We tend to be far more gripped by the storyline, whether it is heartfelt romance or full-on guns-blazing action.

Unless it is Sex and the City, of course, as we are bombarded with every detail of what Carrie is wearing in each scene and how saucy Samantha’s latest items are.

And then there is the frequent name dropping of designers such as Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo – shoes that every girl craves to have in her wardrobe, most likely never wearing them as they cost too much to even get an ounce of dust or dirt on them.

Well it is time for SATC to step aside as there is a new film in town, with each character adorned in 60’s get up; from bold print dresses to bouffant curls, it’s there. The film I am talking about is obviously Made in Dagenham.

Released last Friday, 1st of October (yes somehow we are in October already), the film shows women at their most powerful – GIRL POWER, as Ginger Spice would say.

Set in 1968 at the Ford car plant in Dagenham, the film finds workers Rita (Sally Hawkins), Barbara (Miranda Richardson) and Sandra (Jaime Winstone) and their colleagues battling for equal rights within the workplace, and doing it in such an effortlessly stylish way, with the Essex stereotype nowhere to be seen.

Here they are in full swing, banners at the ready and best clothes on. Sally Hawkins sports the high waister, along with a button up blouse, with blouses being such a big trend for AW 2010. Jaime Winstone on the other hand didn’t strike so lucky with the choice of top, bright orange should probably stay back in the 60s where it belongs.

Interested in observing some vintage-chic? Look no further than this movie. Luckily for us the highstreet is crammed with 60’s replica clothing, with Topshop having a whole trend dedicated to 60’s fashion and Zara having a vast array of shift dresses to sift through. Although if you are a real trendsetter, hunt through your local charity shops as you may just come across real items from the swinging sixties!

For all you blog lovers out there, check out this other site:, the blog that provides you with a different perspective on film – a more trendy one; its fashion. Any fashion follower will find it impossible to not like.

They give an insightful description of a range of movies, displaying magnificent images alongside designer interviews and much more.

I can’t help but be a little jealous of this concept (if only I had come up with it!) yet I am prepared to be the bigger person, choosing just to admire it on a regular basis.


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