I’m a musical lover and a total Gleek (urban dictionary definition 3) and I ain’t ashamed to say it! Besides, g(l)eek is the new cool don’tcha know?

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s no alien to music, what with being married to one fourth of Coldplay and having got critical acclaim for her recent music drama Country Strong that got her a live performing slot at the 2010 CMA Awards.

Tonight, she continues her musical career as she guest stars on Glee as carefree, taco-loving, music-happy substitute teacher Holly Holliday, who brings fresh ideas (and songs) to the Glee club when Schuester comes down with the man flu.

She really makes Cee-Lo Green‘s catchy tune Forget You her own:


William Shatner

Grammy Awards

Glee episode ‘The Substitute’ is showing tonight on E4 & HD at 9pm