Foyle’s War might be over – but not his TV series

ITV is in discussions to keep detective Christopher Foyle on our screens after Foyle’s War climaxes with a VE Day finale this month.

Creator and writer of the award-winning series Anthony Horowitz branded a previous decision to cull ITV1’s top-rating Foyle’s War ‘completely mystifying’.

But ITV confirmed that although it’ll be the end of the war, viewers won’t necessarily be seeing the last of Foyle. The channel said following the show’s ‘huge popularity and success’, early discussions have taken place with Horowitz and production house Greenlit Rights about keeping the detective on screens in the future.

Laura Mackie, ITV Director of Drama, said: “Foyle is an iconic character that viewers love, and although this current series ends on VE day, Europe would remain in turmoil for some time to come and Foyle’s life and work could continue in many different and interesting ways. We are very hopeful that we can bring him back to our screens sometime in the future.”

In the Radio Times, Horowitz said: “There was always a finite end to Foyle’s War – we’d get to the end of the war – but I’ve had to sort of miss out most of 1944 and jump straight to VE Day in order to round it off.”

Horowitz said there would be difficulties resuscitating the show ‘especially when you’ve been slightly brutally ended.

“That said, if someone asks me, I would certainly listen because I still have stories to tell.”

The final episode of Foyle’s War: All Clear, starring Michael Kitchen as Foyle, is on April 20.

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