Frank Lampard eyes a sports TV role after football career finishes

Frank Lampard has revealed he hasn’t ruled out following fiancee Christine Bleakley into TV presenting one day.

He said the presenter had made him content and gushed about the relationship she had formed with his daughters.

Asked about some sort of collaboration with TV presenter Christine, he told Red magazine: “I don’t think I’d ever be sitting on the sofa with her, Richard and Judy-style, but if I was able to do something sporty with TV, then maybe.”

He said of their relationship: “She’s made me content. That sounds soppy, but I’ve been very happy since I’ve been with her. Our personalities are very similar. People say opposites attract, but when you live together, you need to be harmonious, and she’s my best friend.

“I’ve got a lot of respect for what she says – she’s sharp. I bounce my problems off her, and I’d like to think I help her with her stuff, too.”

Frank, who has two daughters from a previous relationship, added: “[Christine and the girls] will now gang up on me. For me, that’s great, because going into a relationship, the step-parent role is hard. To get to the point where I see the girls saying, ‘We’ve got Chris, and we’re doing this,’ is brilliant. And it does me a favour, because I had a year of being a single dad and it was tough. Even now, we have our moments – when I’ve come back from work and I’ve lost, and they’ve made a mess in their room, you get frustrated. It’s certainly helped me having Christine and the bond that has grown between her and the girls.”

Frank has just signed a contract to play for New York City FC in the US MLS football league.


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